Aventis Systems Introduces "Aventis Bucks" Equipment Buyback Program

Loyalty Buyback Program Allows Customers to Sell their Excess IT Hardware to Aventis Systems for Cash or Aventis Bucks Credit

Atlanta, GA — April 21, 2014 –– Aventis Systems, Inc., a leading provider of both new and refurbished technology equipment, today officially launched a loyalty buyback program that allows customers the ability to sell their excess IT hardware to Aventis Systems for cash or Aventis Bucks credit. With an offering unmatched in the industry, the program is slated to be one of the best customer loyalty programs in the online computer hardware arena. The hassle-free buyback program offers free evaluation of IT equipment by qualified engineers, and pays customers cash for unwanted or unneeded IT equipment, and offers 50 percent more than the appraised value in Aventis Bucks to be used toward future purchases. Aventis Bucks may be spent on anything sold by Aventis Systems, including services, software, and hardware. Aventis Systems helps small businesses who need comprehensive IT solutions by providing high quality, new and refurbished hardware, licensed software, and an array of support services.

Under the program, customers who select Aventis Bucks in lieu of cash can accrue up to six percent interest annually for up to two years on unused Aventis Bucks. At the end of the two years, customers can leave the Aventis Bucks in their account, and although accruing interest won’t continue, the Aventis Bucks credit never expires. Aventis Systems will evaluate any brand of equipment, such as Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM, Sun, and Juniper.

Aventis Systems will purchase the IT equipment in its current condition, providing the best possible price for the decommissioned hardware, and will also pay for product shipping and/or product pick-up. Committed to recycling, Aventis Systems also has a program for companies looking to recycle their IT equipment. In cases where equipment condition is beyond repair, Aventis Systems will even recycle free of charge.

"Aventis Bucks is a way for our customers to find value in their existing hardware," said Hesam Lamei, President and Founder of Aventis Systems, Inc. "Rather than recycling or throwing away unneeded equipment and receiving nothing in return, our program allows them to reinvest that capital towards new equipment or even software or support. We want to develop a relationship with our customers and become the industry’s gold standard for buyback programs."

Lamei compares the program to that of a traditional lease program. Every three years the customer trades in their old equipment for the latest technology available. This also allows for lower priced equipment to be sold to customers who do not need the latest equipment, so they too benefit from this model. "It creates a computer hardware lifecycle where everyone wins, and allows us the opportunity to provide added value to both types of customers," adds Lamei.

The program is easy to use. Aventis Systems’ customers interested in selling equipment simply send an email with the equipment information to Purchasing@AventisSytems.com and the customer will receive a timely response.

The Company is hosting a webinar to introduce the Aventis Bucks program on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. EST online here. The webinar is open to anyone interested in learning about the program. For further information about the program, please visit http://www.aventissystems.com/Aventis-Bucks-s/5834.htm.

About Aventis Systems

Aventis Systems, Inc., is one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. The Atlanta-based company specializes in Dell and HP lines of servers and storage units, as well as Cisco networking equipment. The Company also offers a full suite of business class workstations, desktops, laptops and all hardware components necessary for upgrades.

Aventis Systems’ mission is to build long-lasting relationships with customers by offering an extensive plan designed to cover their IT needs. Aventis Systems starts by leveraging experienced sales and engineering professionals to evaluate customers’ infrastructures in order to craft the most cost-effective solutions. Due to the company’s expansive inventory, Aventis Systems delivers these solutions with the shortest build and ship times in the industry. Additionally, the Company offers on-site installation services for customers across the continental U.S. so that they can implement their projects as quickly as possible. All Aventis Systems customers are covered by comprehensive warranties which include access to dedicated, domestic technical support. Optional maintenance service plans are provided by certified technicians with on-site response times as short as two hours. Finally, to further simplify the purchasing process, Aventis Systems offers equipment trade-in and financing options. For more information on Aventis Systems, please contact 1-866-528-9313, visit www.AventisSystems.com, or connect with them on LinkedIn.