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  • Manufacturer

    Which brand do you prefer?

    Aventis Systems carries Cisco and HP routers. Our Cisco offerings include Enterprise Integrated Services as well as Small Business models, while our HP offerings are small business models.

  • Type

    What type of router do you require?

    Enterprise routers include Integrated Services to combine internet access, security and wireless services on a single, secure device. Small Business routers provide basic, secure connectivity to the outside world including VPN access.

  • Wired or Wireless

    Do you require a wired or wireless router?

    Wired routers connect devices via Ethernet cables, and often achieve higher connection speeds. Some enterprise-class models are wired standard, but allow for wireless connection with the addition of a wireless LAN module. Wireless routers allow for wireless-enabled devices to connect to the network wirelessly. They typically include a some wired ports as well.

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Cisco CISCO871W-G-A-K9 Integrated Services Wireless Router from Aventis Systems, Inc.
Cisco Part Number: CISCO871W-G-A-K9
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty