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Making the Complex Simple With Aventis Systems' VPS

Making the Complex Simple With Aventis Systems' VPS

For organizations that simply can't afford to be down, a virtual private server (VPS) not only provides peace of mind, it can be a real lifesaver.

When a physical on-premise server goes down, business stops until you can fix the issue and restore services. A VPS runs its own copy of the operating system and has its own disc space and bandwidth. It can run almost any software package and is virtually equivalent to a dedicated physical server in terms of functionality and performance.

A large physical server in a data center is divided into various virtual servers and used for the VPS hosting of many different virtual environments. Users on a virtual server can use it as if it were their own dedicated server.

Because a VPS typically runs in the cloud, it is also generally less expensive than a physical server or shared hosting and much easier to configure. Custom software and operating systems can also be installed — all for a very low cost.

For businesses with online stores, high web traffic and especially for web design and development companies, a VPS provides the flexibility and security you need for optimal productivity and performance.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting has become very popular, as it is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. Hosting a website or application on a VPS provides businesses with more control over their environment than shared hosting. This flexibility and control includes complete root access in most cases, as well as the ability to use a wider variety of scripts.

With VPS hosting, if you need a custom software package or application installed, for example, you won't have to wait for your hosting provider to support it because of security issues and limitations.

Also, VPS hosting plans are typically less expensive than fully dedicated hosting plans with a physical server. Not only can VPS plans be customized so you don't pay for features you don't really need, they are also scalable. You can easily increase your hosting plan over time as your business needs grow.

Technical support is available for VPS hosting, as it is with shared hosting, and you generally have the option to have fully managed maintenance and services.

A VPS from Aventis provides you with an even deeper level of control and security. What sets Aventis Systems' VPS apart?

Self-Repairing Features

With a VPS, features such as auto recovery and data protection are automatic, and firewalls and blacklists can be used to block access the same way they would with a physical on-premise server.

A VPS from Aventis offers even more benefit because its datacenter infrastructure is built with self-repairing features that allow minimum downtimes, no matter what kind of underlying internet, hardware or software failure has occurred.

Self-repairing capabilities mean that access to business applications won't have to wait on an administrator to act, which means less downtime overall.

Application Availability

Another huge benefit is our physical location. Aventis Systems is based in Atlanta, Georgia, strategically positioned in the middle of the country's top ISP providers. This accessibility, combined with best-in-class hardware, provides the highest possible application availability.

Though there are many on-premise solutions that address application availability, many of these solutions include multiple ISPs, servers and complex backup plans. While these are generally effective, they may be overkill for just a handful of applications. These solutions are also typically expensive, making it difficult for many SMBs to recoup the expense of licensing, maintenance and IT hours.

Cost-effective on-premise solutions rely on a single-server solution, which leaves room for long system failures that can cause lost revenue and even lost employee wages.

Added Security

A VPS — especially a VPS from Aventis Systems — also offers an added layer of security.

At Aventis Systems, our datacenter has all the standard physical security, as well as managed backups of all our customers' cloud instances, which are encrypted and hosted at our datacenter.

Additional copies are easily accessible and can be sent to secondary datacenters or customer locations through encrypted channels. They are also all stored on encrypted storage.

Our Services Support team will work with you to make sure your software access is setup correctly while meeting all industry security standards.

Aventis Systems makes it simple to plan, deploy and maintain your VPS. Our customers receive U.S.-based technical support and have access to our team of IT security experts whenever they are needed.

VPS service and hosting contracts are billed monthly and can be configured to fit the unique needs of your business. Free deployment and unlimited data transfer are included.

With Aventis Systems, you can take advantage of all the benefits of cloud technology without the hassle and expense of staffing in-house personnel to manage the setup and maintenance.

Contact our team today to find the VPS that is the best fit for your organization.