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Product Review: Unitrends Backup Software

When it comes to backup software solutions, companies often had to choose between physical, virtual and cloud-based options. However, few businesses have just one form of backup, even though most backup solutions are usually dedicated to a single form of backup.

This can present a challenge for your small business, especially when you have a greater amount of diversity in the infrastructures that are backing up your data. You may want to find a solution that can handle virtual, physical or cloud-based infrastructures — or even all three.

That’s where Unitrends Backup Software comes in. Designed as a complete solution for virtual, physical and hybrid environments without the need for purchasing additional licensing, Unitrends can decrease both the time and cost that typically come from managing a multi-point backup system.

All the Unitrends software solutions are designed with a customizable dashboard to ensure ease of use and complete control of backups.

The different capabilities and features of Unitrends backup solutions means that users can find one that best suits their business needs. You’ll never have to pay more for services you don’t need, or end up with a program that falls short of what you’re expecting.

And that means you can focus on what’s really important: keeping business operations running smoothly.

Here’s a look at the family of Unitrends solutions and what each one has to offer.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup Essentials

Who should consider it: Unitrends Enterprise Backup Essentials is an ideal solution for small businesses that need backup for both their physical and virtual environments. If you have 10 or fewer resources to back them up, this is not only a comprehensive solution, but a low-cost one as well.

Key features: Provides physical backup protection, as well as backup and recovery for VMs in Hyper-V and VMware environments. It includes global deduplication and cloud integration, and it also offers proactive ransomware detection.

Why you’ll like it: Unitrends Enterprise Backup Essentials provides effective backup at an affordable price; it’s ideal for small businesses and is a great introduction to the Unitrends universe.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup Standard

Who should consider it: For small to medium businesses with more than 10 resources in a combination of environments, the Unitrends Enterprise Backup Standard solution is your best bet for complete protection.

Key features: Building on the Essentials platform, the Standard solution adds such features as site-to-site WAN optimization and NAS protection without the need for multi-point backup licensing.

Why you’ll like it: This solution is easy to manage and requires less maintenance time than other options.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup Enterprise

Who should consider it: Small and medium businesses that are growing rapidly, have a mix of storage environments and want to ensure that all their physical and virtual environments are covered should consider the Unitrends Enterprise Backup Enterprise option.

Key features: Great for companies with several different types of storage and servers, virtual machine environments, cloud applications and physical hosts all working together, the Enterprise solution offers granular recovery and Cisco UCS service profile backup protection.

Why you’ll like it: Excellent for mixed environments that need reliable coverage and backup continuity.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup Enterprise Plus

Who should consider it: At the top of the line is the Unitrends Enterprise Backup Enterprise Plus, the most comprehensive backup solution available from Unitrends. This option is perfectly suited for medium-size businesses, enterprises or campus environments where storage is a mix of physical servers, cloud-based enterprise applications and virtual machines.

Key features: The Enterprise Plus offers the company’s most robust set of solutions, with all the features of the other Enterprise products, but with the addition of features like recovery automation and analytics, exchange item recovery and a distributed Enterprise manager to make it simpler to manage larger numbers of backup and recovery devices.

Why you’ll like it: This solution can handle a larger amount of diverse infrastructures in multiple locations to ensure the ultimate in backup and protection.

Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365

Who should consider it: Any company that relies on Microsoft Office 365 can benefit from Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365.

Key features: Provides a safe backup for all Office 365 products, including OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange Online email. It provides daily snapshots of your company’s Office 365 environment, allowing you to roll back to specific versions of OneDrive and SharePoint files.

Why you’ll like it: Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 will keep all your business end-user data safe — no more accidentally deleting data or corrupted files! With this backup, you’ll protect all your email accounts, contacts, files and datasets.

In today’s business world, there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Unitrends Backup Software has options for businesses and organizations of all sizes to ensure that you have the exact protection you need.

The right backup solution for your business is the one that works in whatever environment — or mix of environments — your data is stored in. To learn more about what Unitrends Backup Software can do for you, contact our experts today at 1-855-AVENTIS.

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