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Become Your Own Network Admin

Maybe you’re needing to set up your first network or add a second office to your business. There are a lot of factors that go into both of these things. You’re first thought might be that you need to find your business a network administrator. Someone who can handle the equipment, installation, setup, monitoring, and any repairs as needed. However, unfortunately it’s not always feasible to hire a dedicated employee for just your network. Sometimes your general IT staff will have to handle everything. Or sometimes businesses are so small that they don’t even have any IT staff. What do you do?

The simple answer it to turn to Cisco Meraki! Meraki has a full range of networking products to help you create a perfect network. In addition, they have Cloud Management which means that all of the network setup, monitoring, and updates all happen through one central web interface, also known as the dashboard.

Meraki Cloud Management has a lot of amazing features but some of the key benefits to your business are:

  • A single dashboard for complete visibility and control of the whole network.
  • Real time network monitoring and alerts with built in automation.
  • Faster deployments with zero touch provisioning.
  • Multi site management tools built-in.
  • Tagging engine that allows for search and sync settings by tags.
  • Auditable change logs as well as role based administration.
  • Updates delivered from the cloud to all network devices on a continuous basis.
  • All networks are highly available and secure, which includes PCI / HIPAA compliant architecture.

The dashboard makes everything easier as well as simple. Meraki Cloud Managed Networks allow you to become your own network admin, and even free up a lot of time for you IT staff so that they can be their most productive.

The best part is that this comes standard with every Meraki product from Aventis Systems. You can also contact us to get a custom quote and we will help you get exactly what you need.

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