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Slaying Your IT Dragons With a Spare Kit and Onsite Support

Slaying Your IT Dragons With a Spare Kit and Onsite Support

In our industry, few things are more terrifying than system failures and the associated downtime.

According to an IDC survey, infrastructure failures cost Fortune 1000 companies an average of $100,000 per hour. That number jumps to $500,000 to $1 million per hour for critical application failures. While the total losses are less for small to mid-size businesses, the percentage of lost revenue can be equally devastating—not to mention the headache of restoring the system.

Though system failures are a formidable foe, these dragons can be slayed. By making a small investment in a spare kit and onsite support, you can save thousands of dollars on lost revenue from downtime.

Benefits of Bundling Onsite Support and a Spare Kit

To help keep things running smoothly and minimize downtown, Aventis Systems can provide comprehensive maintenance support in one-, two-, three- or six-year agreements.

Onsite hardware support is available on all servers, storage and networking equipment offered by Aventis Systems. This support includes next-day parts replacement and onsite labor, Monday through Saturday. Field engineers will install replacement parts to maintain your system and equipment if there's a problem, and you'll get faster, less expensive help when you need it the most. In addition, customers receive 24-hour hardware phone support, 365 days a year.

For the highest possible level of system uptime, invest in a spare kit so you'll have backup server parts on hand when you need them. Any time you use parts from the kit, Aventis Systems will replenish them (with free shipping within the United States), so you'll always be ready for anything life throws at your system.

Basic-, advanced- and superior-level spare kits are available, with a hard drive and memory DIMM included at the basic level. The superior-level kit also includes a power supply, processor and motherboard. With a spare kit on hand, you can eliminate the need to wait on replacement parts and greatly reduce downtime.

Combining service with backup parts, bundling onsite support with a spare kit is the best, most convenient way to ensure that you'll be well prepared and have less downtime when problems arise.

For example, if your server is down and you choose to replace the parts yourself, you'll have access to an engineer around the clock, regardless of the day or time. Serving as your comprehensive resource 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, he or she will walk you through any processes or steps you might be unsure about and will answer any questions you have along the way. Or if you prefer, Aventis Systems can send the next available field technician in your area to replace the parts. The technician will arrive by the next day or could arrive the same day, depending on engineer availability.

By bundling onsite support and a spare kit, you receive the best of both worlds. Backup parts are always on hand, so service isn't on standby waiting for parts to arrive. By that same token, service is always available—whether over the phone or in person—so you aren't struggling with parts replacement and server repair on your own. As a result, you can greatly reduce downtown in the event of a system failure.

For more information on Aventis Systems' professional maintenance services, call 1-855-AVENTIS.