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HP Server Showdown: Gen9 vs. Gen8 Servers

HP Server Showdown: Gen9 vs. Gen8 Servers

HP Enterprise ProLiant Servers are some of the most popular servers in the world. Their reliability and capabilities make them a perfect fit for all types of small and mid-sized businesses. But when it comes to choosing the server that is right for your organization, there are a lot of generations, configurations and options to consider.

IT managers are always being asked to do more with less, so finding the right server for your business — and for the right price — is important. The HP ProLiant Gen9 server provides leading technology for your business and is an excellent option for any SMB. But the previous generation — the HP ProLiant Gen8 server — can also be a great choice and an excellent way for you to make the most of your IT budget.

When choosing the HP enterprise server that’s right for your business, which differences between the Gen8 and Gen9 server portfolios really matter? After all, there are many different available configurations and specifications.

Should you upgrade to the next generation? Here’s what you need to know about the key differences between the HP ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 servers.

What Does the HP Enterprise ProLiant Gen9 Offer?

The HP Gen9 servers are all standardized on Intel’s popular Xeon Haswell processors and offer a multitude of options including 26 different CPU choices, up to 18 cores and 50% more L3 cache. The Gen9 portfolio of servers also features the migration to DDR4 memory, an upgrade from DDR3. This allows you to reach memory speeds of up to 2,133 MHz per second.

The HP Gen9 servers provide easier access for processor installation and enterprise-level RAID controllers to enhance performance, data availability and storage capacity. SmartDrives, SmartMemory and flexible network adapters also make it easy to configure options and increase overall efficiency.

Plus, the color-coded DIMM slots in the Gen8 servers are still present in the Gen9 servers, making it easy to configure memory and upgrades.

The HP ProLiant Gen9 servers are designed to be cost effective by providing three times more computing power per watt than the Gen8 servers. This translates to as much as a 62% cost savings over the life of the server — and this includes the initial acquisition cost. In addition, it saves admin time and improves overall SLA performance with service delivery that is 66 times faster and has simple automation.

Among other important features, some other key selling points of the HP ProLiant Gen9 servers are that they provide more computing capacity, a lower total cost of ownership, faster workload deployment with simple automation, and better memory performance. They are also easier and quicker to set up, monitor and maintain, thanks to the embedded management functionality.

Benefits of Going Back a Couple of Generations

Because the Gen9 boasts impressive upgrades, some technicians might think HP Gen8 servers are obsolete, but that is simply not true! Going back a generation — or even several generations — can be an excellent way to save money without sacrificing performance and functionality. And if you’d like some of the added features, there’s always the option to upgrade the specifications to create a great box that will operate reliably and efficiently for your business. We also recommend keeping a spare parts kit on hand to help you save time or money if an issue arises. With a spare parts kit, you can easily — and quickly — change parts if needed.

If you purchase your hardware from a quality provider, it will include a warranty that is just as good as the one from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In fact, in most cases, it is much easier to reach the provider for support than it is the OEM.

Buying a refurbished server from a reputable dealer is also a great way to save IT dollars. Refurbished equipment has been cleaned, updated, tested and refigured according to specific standards, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

It is also subjected to a testing procedure very similar to the one used by the OEM. Any damaged components are replaced before it is sold to you, and often warranties on refurbished equipment are much longer than what is offered by the original manufacturer.

HP ProLiant Servers from Aventis Systems

Aventis Systems offers new HP ProLiant Gen9 and Gen8 servers, as well as refurbished servers from previous generations including HP 1U rackmount servers, HP 2U rackmount servers, HP 4U+ rackmount servers, C-Class BladeSystem and tower servers in all kinds of configurations and options.

All refurbished HP ProLiant servers are restored and tested to ensure reliability and performance and include a three-year comprehensive Essentials Warranty with the option of Secure Drive, Extended Express and Onsite Warranty upgrades. Plus, all domestic shipping is free.

Want to learn more about HP Gen8 and Gen9 servers or other ways to increase your business productivity and efficiency? We can help you find the hardware your business needs to fit your workload today and in the future.

Contact one of our IT experts today at 1-855-AVENTIS.