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Where to Invest Your Federal Agency IT Dollars Before the End of the Fiscal Year

Where to Invest Your Federal Agency IT Dollars Before the End of the Fiscal Year

As the end of the federal fiscal year approaches, it’s important for agencies to invest their remaining IT budgets wisely before September 30. As you determine what to do with those remaining dollars, consider these key tips on where to spend—and perhaps more importantly, where to save—before budgets reset on October 1.

Invest in Hardware

As October looms on the horizon, multiple operating system software programs are beyond their end-of-life, and many, including Microsoft Office 2007, are nearing their end-of-support. More will soon follow.

As with other upgrades, when software support ends, hardware vendors stop supporting the obsolete programs. To maintain compliance with federal policies and protect against potentially devastating security vulnerabilities, it’s essential to upgrade your outdated software or hardware.

Rather than simply upgrading software, IT administrators can maximize federal budgets by upgrading hardware as well. Because new software requires installation expenses—either in the form of in-house time or third-party billing—purchasing upgraded hardware such as desktops and laptops with the latest software can help you get the most for your money. New hardware is a longer-lasting investment compared to purchasing everything new a year or two after upgrading software. This approach also provides some cushion if budget cuts are in the future.

Take Advantage of Price Reductions

Many organizations allow contractors to provide temporary price reductions to help stretch federal budgets. Some contractors, such as Aventis Systems, offer these temporary price reductions to government buyers at the end of the fiscal year to help make the most of those dollars. As a result, you can save money when purchasing some of the most popular products during the final weeks of quarter four.

Leverage Relationships for Complimentary Services

To get more without spending more, leverage your agency relationships to help plan the upcoming fiscal year. Start by asking your contractors what complimentary services they provide. Many offer free planning around their services.

Aventis Systems, for example, aids federal government buyers who need assistance planning IT equipment purchases. In fact, Aventis Systems provides technical evaluations and statement of work evaluations as a complimentary service for all government buyers. Using services such as these can not only help you spend this fiscal year’s remaining budget well, it can also position you to get the most value from next fiscal year’s budget.

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