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Which Dell Server Generation Is the Right Fit?

We've taken you through the numerous benefits of choosing Dell PowerEdge Servers for your SMB, but now you need to identify which Generation is best for your company. Our basic assessment questions will get you one step closer to making a decision!

Whether you're looking for a server entry point or a robust virtualization host, Dell PowerEdge servers provide the perfect blend of quality, reliability, manageability and value to small and mid-size businesses. Dell servers are designed to help boost application performance, increase operational agility, and provide additional versatility. Selecting the right Dell PowerEdge server line may be a daunting task but IT professionals can ask these basic questions to ascertain the model that best suits their needs. Aventis Systems starts by asking each customer basic assessment questions like:

  • What is the server role and application will be used for this server?
  • How many end-users will this server support?
  • Will this server be virtualized?
  • What form factor will I need to fit my rack?
  • How much space is required to host the various server applications and business data?
  • What kind of redundancy will I need with the servers RAID setup?
  • What processing speed does this server need to support the application demands?
  • How much memory will this server need to support the application demands?
  • How many CPU sockets will this server support?
  • What is the network connectivity type needed for my network?
  • What kind of manageability will the server provide if the business adds more servers?

Aventis Systems offers an array of Dell server generations to suit just about any business need. In addition, we have certified Dell experts on staff to help determine which servers are right for you and your IT infrastructure. As part of our server and storage solutions, we will provide an infrastructure analysis and recommendation, and can assist with any hardware installation and relocation services. Browse our customizable Dell PowerEdge servers for more information on system configurations and capabilities.

Stay tuned for Parts 3-5 of our Dell PowerEdge Server Generations series! We'll guide you through Dell's most recent and popular 11th, 12th and 13th generation server models to assist you in making the right purchase!