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Top Tech Trends for SMBs in 2016

2015 was a great year for small businesses, technologically speaking. And 2016 promises to be just as exciting with new tech trends and emerging technologies to take small businesses to greater heights than ever before. More and more, small businesses are focusing on new forms of collaboration and marketing, which will be reflected heavily in the year’s tech trends. Take a look at what we’re predicting for small businesses in 2016.

The Cloud is Changing

Cloud solutions are nothing new for small businesses. 2015 saw a surge in cloud usage among SMBs, but 2016 might rock the boat with a few changes. Several tech giants are trying make private and hybrid cloud options more available to small businesses, hoping to edge out public platforms. While most SMBs are unsure of how to utilize the hybrid cloud system, platforms such as Azure Stack for Windows Server from Microsoft and Dell’s Cloud Manager are becoming increasingly popular.

Security, Security, Security

With information storage becoming more and more complex, today’s security standards are being forced to evolve as well. In fact, SMB Group’s 2015 Routes to Market Study, small businesses ranked security as their #1 challenge, while medium businesses ranked it as their #2. While vendors are making more end-to-end solutions available, today’s small businesses admit feeling vulnerable when it comes to security breaches and online intruders. With a few tweaks though, small businesses will be able to protect themselves against fraud, identity theft, and data leaks more efficiently than ever before.

Mobile Solutions are King

Mobile technology has been taking over the market fairly steadily for the past several years, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. According to recent surveys, approximately 59% of businesses see mobile technology as necessary to their business’ growth, and a reported 91% of today’s top brands have corresponding mobile apps. Both costs and usage associated with mobile technology are expected to rise in the upcoming year, making mobile technology a bandwagon that your small business should seriously consider jumping on.

Search the Internet of Things

For those who don’t know, the Internet of Things is the network of physical objects, devices, buildings, etc., which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity in order to collect and exchange data. While most small businesses have yet to tap into the IoT’s potential (only 18% of SMBs listed the IoT as one of their top three priorities in 2015), it will become a major player in 2016. IoT solutions are figuring out smarter ways to store data and help small business grow, which is definitely something worth looking into.

While no one knows for sure what the world of small business technology holds for 2016, we’re sure it will be a big year for the SMB market. Stay tuned to find out if our predictions are accurate!

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