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Tech New Year's Resolutions

Technology grows rapidly. Each year brings a series of innovative changes that are meant to create luxury, effortlessness, and innovative solutions for consumers and businesses alike. Just as 2015 brought unprecedented technological innovations, 2016 is guaranteed to bring changes to business technologies that will enhance your bottom line, and increase productivity. It is important to set resolutions for this year, and which technologies you intend to integrate.

Implementing a 3-2-1 Backup Plan

This is an easy way to protect your data from a breach, as well as keep backups in case any of your servers or computers crash. The 3-2-1 plan is simple: you keep 3 copies of your data available. 2 copies are on location, and 1 is off location in a secure place. Think of it as investing: it is important to diversify. View our 3-2-1 Backup Best Practices webinar to learn more about the 3-2-1 backup rule.

Implementing Security Best Practices

There are a series of important security measures your company can, and should, take. Not only is it important to protect your company’s data, but it is also critical to protect your customers’ data as well. Consider employing the following:

  • Using Data Encryption: Any information transferred between two sources, any data stored, and any file systems should be encrypted to protect your security, as well as prevent potential data loss through digital security breaches, or hackers.
  • Auditing: You should be auditing all of your data, security, and storage frequently. This is a critical preventative measure that ensures all of your information is kept safe, all of your data is still intact, and there are no suspicious practices inside, or outside, the company.
  • Frequently Update Software: New editions of software come out for a reason. New updates have usually repaired any bugs in an earlier edition, while also providing more security and more effective operations.

Do a little research to find software products that will improve your data security.

Start Virtualizing

Business are flocking to the cloud and virtualization. With virtualization software, businesses can run multiple virtual machines from multiple locations at the same time. In the long run this decreases IT costs, increase productivity, enables a more centralized software management, and simplifies your application usage.

A business needs to frequently update technology to stay afloat. While relying on older systems can still allow a business to get by, the rapid rise of technology will only make older systems obsolete, and put a company’s data, security, and bottom line in jeopardy. Consider these simple resolutions, and research further measures frequently.

Check out our blogs and webinars for more best practices and techie tips on a variety of topics including virtualization, disaster recovery, cyber security, and more!