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Personal Computing for Your SMB

Not since the introduction of commercial mainframes has there been so much variety and specialization in computers. Large enterprises have teams of people who continually research the latest IT trends to prepare the latest enhancements and take advantage of new capabilities. They have big budgets to buy and test new models, and making an error in judgment won’t break the bank.

Small and mid-sized businesses don’t have that luxury. Most owners and managers spend their time focusing on strategic initiatives and business improvements, but small businesses also need top-of-the-line computing capability that fits their budget. Here’s a primer on some of the best models for various business needs and workloads.

Graphics and Presentations

Anyone who needs to keep up with fast changes in status while performing their tasks -- engineers, designers, graphic artists, researchers, traders -- needs powerful workstations capable of supporting multiple high definition screens. These tasks are typically too power hungry and intensive for laptops to perform, so desktop computers and workstations are the best choice.

If you need a computer for 3D modeling or complex calculations such as financial simulations, the Dell Precision workstation is a good choice. Prices start at under $2,000 for the premium models in this powerful lineup, and you can get entry-level systems for a lot less if your graphics or processing needs are less intensive.

The HP Workstation XW8400 is another good choice for graphics and processing intensive applications. Prices for this HP workstation start at $699 and can be shipped to you within three days.


Virtualization can help you to create a highly effective and responsive data center without buying computers to support every workload.

Since virtualization is all about improving performance, you will want to invest in high performance computers to support your virtual desktop. The HP EliteDesk 800 G1 is designed for screaming-fast performance and high reliability. Prices start at $499 and these computers are completely customizable to meet your budget and your computing needs.

The HP EliteDesk 800 G1 line is available in desktop and tower forms so they work in almost every office or workspace. They are modular in design, so you can swap out components to keep pace with your business growth.


Many people in your organization need to take their computers with them, whether they are traveling between facilities or visiting customers around the world. To ensure that traveling employees have full access to all their data and files when away from the office, the best solution is to equip them with a laptop or portable tablet.

Dell Precision mobile workstations are the highest performing options on the market. The Dell Precision models are designed for professional applications and rigorously tested to ensure that they can meet your mobile computing needs. Prices for Dell Precision mobile workstations start at $209 for the M65 model, with many options to customize. More robust Dell Precision laptops include the M4500, M4600. and M.

When affordability and mobility are the primary concern, consider Dell Latitude laptop devices for performance and power. Dell Latitude laptop configurations are fully customizable and perfect for any application. The biggest benefit of the Dell Latitude line is the high level of security. These models have a suite of data protection, designed to protect what is most important to your business. Our Dell Latitude laptops come equipped with user authentication and malware-prevention technologies.

The technology you provide your employees to work on is directly related to the success of your company. Make sure you make the right decision in regards to your business’ personal computing needs. If you are having trouble with this decision, contact Aventis Systems today. Our knowledgeable team can answer your questions and help you outfit your company with the best in personal computing.