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Minimize Downtime with Spare Parts for Your Server

For many companies, your server is the heart of your business. It keeps your business running and ensures that all employees stay connected to their applications. If your server crashes, oftentimes office workflow and productivity crash as well. To prevent the decrease in productivity, you should prepare for system downtime and be ready to make a quick repair when necessary.

One of the simplest ways to prepare for hardware failure is to keep critical spare parts, such as processors, memory, and hard drives, on hand at your facility. Spare parts are necessary to make a quick repair, and they can help you to minimize downtime, save money, and maintain quality when your server goes down.

Minimize Downtime

In many cases when a production server goes down, the entire office goes down. While a few minutes of waiting for a quick repair is not a problem, when those minutes turn into hours of downtime, your employees disengage and you may lose hundreds of hours of productivity. Quality server parts are not always easy to find on short notice, and even if you can find the parts, the entire office is forced to wait on the parts to purchased and replaced. By keeping spare parts on hand, you ensure that hardware failures are momentary inconveniences as opposed to daylong delays.

Save Money

The moment a production server goes down, your business begins to lose money. Your employees can’t complete their work, and your IT department may have to dedicate hours to finding new parts and repairing the system. Additionally, server replacement parts can be expensive, and when you’re forced to buy them in a rush, you will likely pay a heavier price for the expedited service and/or shipping. A spare parts kit allows you to make quick repairs on short notice, which saves you money in both labor and repair costs.

Maintain Quality

Server replacement parts are readily available online and in stores, but not all spare parts are created equal. Low-quality, inexpensive parts may result in similar hardware problems and failures down the road. When your server crashes, it’s tempting to purchase cheap replacement parts for a quick repair. Purchasing spare parts as an add-on when you purchase the server itself is a more effective way to ensure that you have quality and compatible parts when an unforeseen failure occurs.

Even the top-rated servers crash sometimes, but hardware failures should not disrupt the productivity of your entire office. To prevent costly repairs and employee downtime, keep server spare parts on-hand to make quick, quality repairs to keep your business running.

Aventis Systems offers optional Spare Parts Kit upgrades on all servers to help our customers prepare for unexpected hardware failures. Our servers are also backed by a 3-year warranty with options to extend up to 6 years or add next business day parts replacement.