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How McAfee Antivirus Plus Leads the Way for Consumer Security

Finding the right antivirus software for your needs can be a challenge,especially when it comes to tablets and mobile devices. McAfee understands these issues and has developed a product line to meet those needs. The backbone of this product line is McAfee Antivirus Plus.

McAfee Antivirus Plus in an antivirus software that acts more like a security suite than a single purpose product. It’s feature-rich, plus it allows you unlimited licenses so you can make sure all of your devices are covered from PC and Mac to iOS and Android devices. All of your devices can even be managed in one place with your McAfee account.

McAfee Antivirus Plus is backed by the all new Real Protect virus detection and remediation engine. Real Protect uses behavior-based detection to minimize the local signature database and catch zero-day malware. Now when McAfee finds suspicious or unknown programs, it sends the behavior data to their cloud for further analysis. It also makes notes about the program’s behavior and rolls back all the malware activity if the cloud decides that the program is malicious. This new behavior-based detection means that McAfee no longer scans files on access but instead waits for launch, then either stops known threats right away or rolls back actions as needed.

McAfee has included a collection of other features that make Antivirus Plus a very well rounded antivirus solution, such as a built-in firewall and WebAdvisor for web browser protection. WebAdvisor acts as a browser extension and is a great addition to the built in browser protection no matter what web browser you use. It even helps protect you from typosquatting sites. For example, if you accidently type in www.paypla.com, it will prompt you and ask if you meant PayPal instead.

QuickClean is a great scan feature that will scan your junk files and wipe cookies, cache files, and history from all browsers. You can set it up to scan at regular intervals or you can start a scan whenever you like. Another great feature is Vulnerability Scan which will find missing security updates for Windows and other popular programs. Now you won’t have to worry about holes in your security due to a lack of program updates.

One of the newest features is McAfee Shredder which helps you protect your information by permanently deleting files from your system. McAfee Shredder has four settings so you can pick the level of security you need: Basic, Safe, Comprehensive, and Complete. The different levels coordinate with how often files get overwritten before deletion. You can also use the shredder on files in your Recycling Bin, temporary files, or any other files you choose. McAfee even puts the Shredder option in your right-click menu for ease of use.

All of these features make for a very powerful antivirus solution to help protect all of your devices and important information. Now you can truly take your computer security into your own hands without worry.

We know some people deal with more sensitive information that have security restrictions to abide by. That’s why we also offer McAfee Total Protection. This gives you all of the amazing features talked about above and adds in file encryption. The file encryption feature lets you make password protected file vaults that when closed hide your sensitive files, making them look as if they were never there in the first place.


  • Unlimited licenses to cover all devices
  • Manage all devices in one place through your McAfee account
  • Real Protect: virus detection and remediation engine using behavior-based detection
  • Firewall included
  • WebAdvisor browser protection
  • QuickClean scan to clean junk files
  • Vulnerability Scan helps automatically find security updates for Windows & popular programs
  • McAfee Shredder: permanently delete files for added security
  • Upgrade to Total Protection to get file encryption