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7 Ways Technology Can Improve Productivity this Summer

7 Ways Technology Can Improve Productivity this Summer

It's a well-known fact that productivity in office settings tends to bottom out during the summer months. Employees frequently choose these months to take vacations, and employees that are physically present at work may be mentally sipping margaritas by the pool. As a business leader, it's important that you do everything you can to encourage productivity during the summer months, and adopting new technology can help. Read this post to learn a few ways that new technology can help address your summertime blues.

1. Build excitement and improve morale

Falling into a boring routine is one of the biggest culprits behind lower productivity. Sometimes, giving your employees a new tech gadget with all the latest bells and whistles is all it takes to shake things up a bit.

Deploying new desktops can help your employees get excited about their work again, which could in turn translate to higher morale and greater productivity. If your business is running on less-than-ideal hardware, giving the staff updated tools can cause them to feel valued. Also they will enjoy browsing and utilizing the new features and settings.

2. Avoid end of support issues

If you’re running a software that’s nearing end of support, such as Windows Server 2003, it’s important that you take action and upgrade now. Failing to upgrade before a platform reaches its end-of-support date will create a new set of manual security procedures your staff will have to undertake, which will likely decrease your productivity. Come up with a plan to move to the latest offering in advance, so that you’re not rushed making the move at the last minute.

3. Ensure ongoing access to data with a new backup solution

Your company needs consistent access to its data at all times. When data is unavailable due to an outage or malicious attack, it leads to wasted time and productivity.

With a new backup solution, you can minimize the potential for lost data. This allows you to feel confident that your employees will never have to waste time or energy locating or recreating missing business data.

4. Do more with less

It may sound like the world’s corniest business cliché, but having the right tools allows you to do more with less by making the most of your limited human resources, this is especially important when you’re trying to make up the slack created by the vacation season.

With the latest hardware and software at their disposals, your employees can do the same amount of work they were doing previously in a shorter period of time. For example, Windows Server 2012 R2 offers storage tiering which gives the user the ability to move chunks of data to selected storage tiers. You can move the pieces of data you use most frequently to the fastest tier, thus saving time and creating efficiencies.

5. Keep IT environments running properly

IT outages are another source of lost productivity. When your systems are down, nobody’s getting any work done, and it also takes time to identify and address the issue that caused the outage in the first place.

If you’re a small business running on a limited number of servers, you’ll want to make sure these servers have redundant power supplies. As a result, you'll be more prepared for unplanned power failures. Both Dell and HP provide a variety of servers for SMBs with highly efficient redundancy.

6. Encourage employee mobility

Today’s employees are increasingly mobile, and if your employees have the opportunity to check in while on vacation, you can help keep things running smoothly while they're gone.

However, if your employees currently work on laptops that weigh as much as much as the average cinderblock, they aren’t going to want to travel with them. Today’s laptops are lightweight and easy to take on the go, making them a surefire way to increase productivity.

7. Get the best support possible

Finally, when you buy from a top IT provider like Aventis Systems, you'll get access to the support you need to keep your equipment running properly. Post-sales support is important for a multitude of reasons, some of them being:

  • Help installing, maintaining and operating new products.
  • Best practice solutions customized for your business’ pain points.
  • Quick responses when products and systems are not running properly.

Our technical support team includes Dell, HP and Cisco certified technicians, and has an average response time of two minutes. This means that when something goes wrong, you'll be able to get the problem fixed quickly.

To learn more about how Aventis Systems can help your business stay productive during the summer, contact us today.