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4 Reasons Refurbished IT Hardware Benefits the Education Market

Refurbished IT equipment provides various advantages to different industries. Some organizations, such as those in the education market, have unique requirements that refurbished hardware suits perfectly. Education IT departments must fulfill IT requirements on strict budgets but also prioritize performance and reliability to ensure satisfied students, teachers, and administrative staff. In this article we share four important ways education organizations benefit from purchasing refurbished equipment.

1. Consistency and Efficiency

Consistent product lines and significant staff efficiency are important advantages of utilizing refurbished hardware. A unique challenge education organizations face is having to maintain networks of various hardware models used for different classes. With refurbished equipment, models can be purchased over longer periods of time because they aren’t continuously replaced by the latest and greatest models. This allows IT departments to increase model consistency across networks, and with the increased model consistency, staff can become more efficient and save time on deployment, parts replacements, and repairs.

2. Cost Savings

The refurbished IT market provides significant cost savings for companies and organizations with strict budgets like education organizations. With strict IT budgets, education organizations have to make decisions where to spend and where to cutback. Refurbished hardware provides significant cost savings that beat temporary price cuts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Saving on hardware will free up budget allocations for other IT requirements such as newer software applications which enhance productivity and performance.

3. Availability and Reliability

Refurbished equipment is highly available around the country. Refurbished IT equipment can be sourced through numerous resellers from coast to coast. Additionally, when you purchase refurbished, the equipment is cleaned, thoroughly tested, and built to custom configurations, but still at faster rates than a brand new system from an OEM. The thorough testing also increases reliability of refurbished equipment as technical issues are identified and repaired.

4. Warranties

The final important benefit of purchasing refurbished IT equipment is the extended warranty options available from some value-added resellers (VARs). For instance, a system standard warranty from Aventis Systems lasts for three years. The major benefit of an extended warranty is that they last through most IT buying cycles including those of education organizations.

Whether education organizations are looking for greater IT consistency and efficiency, cost savings, reliability, or extended warranties, procuring refurbished hardware from a trusted IT partner is a beneficial strategy to satisfy their technology requirements.

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