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2014 in Review: IT Tips & Trends

With 2014 coming to a close, it is time to reflect on some of the industry tips and trends of this year. Aventis Systems is ringing in the new year by sharing some of our favorite tech tips from 2014.

  1. If You Don’t Have Solid-State Drives, You’re Missing Out. SSDs increase server and storage performance and cost-efficiency, and improve durability, server reliability, and server power.
  2. Boosting Productivity in Virtual Machines. One of the easiest ways to boost virtual machine productivity is through thin provisioning. Thin provisioning saves you time and helps lower storage costs due to better disk utilization..
  3. Tiered Storage. Given the corruptible nature of online security, data encryption is still the best method to prevent data leaks in the public IT space.
  4. VMware's vSAN vs. Traditional Shared Storage. vSAN provides features similar to thin-provisioning and garbage collection at the storage system through a programming extension called VAAI.
  5. Top Questions for Your Next Storage Vendor. Data deduplication saves considerably in storage costs, data center space, power and cooling costs, and can increase the capacity of storage arrays in data centers.
  6. Is Your Virtual Environment Running on the Right Hardware? System memory is a key component when selecting your virtualization host hardware and will often end up as your limiting factor for the total number of VM’s that your environment can support.
  7. Virtual Clustering Quick Tips. Virtual clustering protects against failure to keep important workloads running if the host fails.
  8. Virtualization - Is It Right for You? Virtualization can increase uptime, improve disaster recovery, reduce time spent on routine administrative tasks, and reduce your data center footprint.
  9. Resell, Repurpose, Recycle, & Donate! The Right Ways to Decommission Technology. Third-party vendors and value-added resellers will purchase older IT equipment and provide a sizable credit for an upgrade or cash directly. You can also recycle or donate outdated IT equipment to improve the dilemma of e-waste.
  10. Which RAID Array is Best for Your Applications? Because RAID 10 provides excellent redundancy and performance, it is good for mission critical applications and databases.
  11. Keeping Data Safe in a Hackers’ World. You should implement firewalls to keep out unwanted internet traffic and only open the specific ports that are necessary to run your business.
  12. Why Consider Virtualizing Your Network? VMware’s NSX enables an entire network to be virtualized and increases security through micro-segmentation.

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