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Virtualization Resources


Boosting Productivity in Virtual Machines

I'm going to share one of the Virtual Machine Productivity Boosters that my team uses every day when provisioning virtual machines. This tip will help you lower storage costs and save you time.

Is Your Virtual Environment Running on the Right Hardware?

By now, many of us have firsthand experience with the benefits achieved through virtualization. Whether eliminating environment complexity, increasing flexibility, maximizing resources, or saving money, virtualization has become the standard rather than the cutting edge.

Case Study

Mid-America Orthopedics Finds Value in Virtualization with Aventis Systems

The benefits of virtualization have been endless for Mid-America Orthopedics. "Virtualization was a no brainer for us and has saved us a lot of money in equipment expenses, not to mention greater efficiency, server consolidation, and high availability," said Mark Janzen, Chief Technology Officer at Mid-America Orthopedics.

On-Demand Webinars

Virtual Machine Productivity Boosters

Quick and easy tips to boost your virtual machine productivity, saving you hours on new VM deployments!

Ways to Improve Storage I/O

Tried and true tips on reducing storage bottlenecks and increasing productivity, all without spending a dime!

Plan Hardware Effectively for Virtual Machine Capacities

Tips for planning the hardware foundation to meet all of your virtualization goals!

Use Virtual Machine Templates for Disposable Systems

Learn why virtual machine templates can be an invaluable tool to keep your production systems running smoothly!

The Skinny on Thin Provisioning in Virtual Environments

Short and sweet tips to thin provision virtual environments!

Virtual Clustering Quick Tips

Discover three key advantages of VMware clustering!

3-2-1 Backup Best Practices

Learn how the 3-2-1 backup rule can prevent data loss!

Backup & Configuration Tips for vSphere & Veeam

Crucial tips for backup and configuration with vSphere and Veeam!

White Papers

VMware's vSAN vs. Traditional Shared Storage

The storage world has been changed forever by the cloud, just as many other traditional IT offerings. VMware relaunched a key component to its software-defined data center puzzle with a virtual SAN product, aptly-titled Virtual SAN that seeks to scale resources and simplify management.