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Unitrends Backup Software

Unitrends Enterprise Backup software is the all in one backup solution for businesses seeking both physical and virtual backup continuity! For average businesses, in particular SMBs, diversity in virtual, physical, and cloud based infrastructure is common. However, most backup solutions are typically dedicated to only one form of backup. Unitrends software instead redefines the way businesses backup their data with a complete backup solution for virtual, physical, and hybrid environments without the need for additional licensing, greatly decreasing the time and cost associated with managing a multi-point backup system! Fast and efficient, Unitrends Enterprise Backup allows IT Professionals a granular level of control while being a highly customizable and user friendly backup software! Aventis Systems is proud to offer the following Unitrends Backup product series to our customers:

  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup Essentials the perfect way for small businesses with 10 or fewer resources to backup to get started!
  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup Standard the next step up in coverage that scales to protect any size environment! Unitrends Enterprise Standard adds NAS file protection, XenServer hypervisor protection, and 2nd site WAN optimized backup copies to the features found in Essentials!
  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup Enterprise can scale to protect the size of any environment and is excellent for medium size businesses as it adds protection for enterprise applications to the features found in Standard!
  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup Enterprise Plus is the most comprehensive Unitrends backup solution adding NDMP, recovery assurance, and automated RTO and RPO compliance testing to the already robust features of Enterprise!
  • Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 that eliminates the risk of data loss when using Microsoft Office 365, as Microsoft will not backup this data for you! Protect your Office 365 data from sync issues and ransomware here!

Aventis Systems offers all of our Unitrends Enterprise Backup solutions in electronic download versions for your convenience, and per socket or per server backup licenses are available for the Enterprise suites! So shop our categories below and bring the best in all in one backup software solutions to your business today with Unitrends Enterprise Backup!