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Aventis Bucks Terms & Conditions

  • The presented offer is good for 14 days unless otherwise discussed. After the 14 days have passed, the offer is subject to change based on market fluctuations.
  • The presented offer is contingent upon receipt, testing, and processing of the items in the purchase order.
  • Customers have the option to receive cash (outright) for the current appraised value of the equipment. Note: Aventis Bucks is valued at 50% more than cash.
  • Accrued interest starts from the moment Aventis Systems, Inc. has physical possession of merchandise. Interest is only paid on store credit or "Aventis Bucks.”
  • Once a customer selects Aventis Bucks in lieu of cash payment, they cannot request cash at a future date.
  • The Aventis Bucks program is valid on all products typically carried by Aventis Systems, Inc., including hardware from Dell, HP, and Cisco. In addition, Aventis Systems, Inc. will evaluate products from any other computer hardware manufacturers, such as IBM, Sun, Juniper etc. There is no limitation on age, brand, or model.
  • Aventis Bucks can be spent on every product and service offered by Aventis Systems, Inc. at any point in time when a customer wishes to use their Aventis Bucks. Aventis Bucks may not be used on products, services, or programs that have been discontinued, at the time of redemption.
  • A customer who elects the cash option will be paid via check or credit card. Payment method will be confirmed between the buyer and seller prior to the completion of the sale.
  • Aventis Systems, Inc. will only pick up equipment that is within a 25 mile radius of the Atlanta, Georgia area. Aventis Systems, Inc. will cover the cost of shipping (boxed or freight) for items located in the U.S. United States territories and Canada are not included.
  • Free recycling is offered on all items.
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