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Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Symantec Ghost Suite version 3.2 is the industry’s leading solution for managing and deploying desktops, servers, laptops, and tablets all from a single user friendly management console! With this award winning disk imaging software you can easily migrate to new operating systems, deploy your software applications, and perform custom configurations across a variety of hardware and operating system platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows. This greatly reduces the time spent deploying your hardware devices and makes inventory of machines easy! Some of the new and key features as well as benefits of Symantec Ghost Suite v3.2 are:

  • Best in class image capture and deployment services!
  • Industry leading disk imaging engine!
  • Personal Computing application and user settings migration!
  • Remotely execute tasks and sequencing!
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, and Tablet (select models) support!
  • Smart device and driver mapping!
  • Japanese, Korean, and Chinese simplified language support in the Ghost Standard Tools!
  • 4K disk sector support and XFS file systems support!
  • Windows Redstone 1, MacOS Sierra, and RHEL 6.7 support!

Aventis Systems offers Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 in both device and server subscription licenses with 1, 2, and 3 year terms to choose from! In addition, all of our Ghost Suite 3.2 licenses are available via electronic download for your convenience. So check out our products below and bring the award winning industry leader for disk imaging and deployment to your business today with Symantec Ghost Solution Suite from Aventis Systems!

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