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HP StoreFabric CN1100R 10GbE 2-Port iSCSI Fibre Channel HBA CNA

HP StoreFabric CN1100R 10Gb 2-Port iSCSI Fibre Channel HBA CNA from Aventis Systems, Inc.

Converged Network Adapter (CNA)
2 Ports
PCIe 2.0 to FCoE, Ethernet, or iSCSI
HP Part Number: QW990A
Price: $1,429.00

Amazon Image Link http://ebay.aventissystems.com/AmazonImages/hp_2portfibrechannel_AMZ.jpg

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 Hours


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Extended Information
Fibre Card
Fibre Adapter
Fibre Host Bus Adapter
Fibre Channel Card
Fibre Channel Adapter
Fibre HBA
Fiber Card
Fiber Adapter
Fiber Host Bus Adapter
Fiber Channel Card
Fiber Channel Adapter
Fiber HBA
DL120 G9
DL160 G8
DL160 G9
DL180 G9
DL360e G8
DL360p G8
DL360 G9
DL380e G8
DL380p G8
DL380 G9
DL385p G8
DL560 G8
DL560 G9
DL580 G8
DL580 G9
ML350p G8
ML350 G9
ML350e G8
DL320e G8

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