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Collaborative Partnership with Aventis Systems, Inc. Amplifies Infrastructure Productivity for Cloud Solutions Provider

Relationships Matter

This case study is about an innovative and forward-thinking technology solutions provider specializing in cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software implementations. Keenly focused on helping organizations leverage cloud solutions to solve business problems, the Company had experienced strong and exponential organic growth over the past 15 years. However, they were looking for a solution to amplify productivity in order to sustain this growth, as well as support its growing client base.

With the motto, “Do what is right for the customer, and everything will fall into place,” the organization was built on a foundation of strong customer relationships. Therefore, it is no surprise the majority of its growth has been achieved through business based on client and partner referrals – a testimonial to their commitment to quality of work and focus on building long lasting relationships. This prioritization of relationships also applies to third party vendors and external partnerships, and they immediately went to their current vendors for advice and potential solutions to improve productivity.

Technical Power to Sustain Growth

From the persistent business growth and increasing demand on their infrastructure, the Company was experiencing an unacceptable lag in performance. High expectations were set for the project with a goal to increase productivity by at least 50 percent. Unlike past projects where new HP equipment was always purchased, the Company looked to refurbished equipment hoping to make their budget go further. The Company selected their IT technology partner, Aventis Systems, to weigh their options with custom IT solutions to fulfill their complex requirements.

“We needed hardware capable of handling massive amounts of data with the ability to quickly compute and crunch numbers,” said the head of corporate operations. “We were also looking for a partner with the knowledge and expertise to help direct us to the best option given our current technical infrastructure and circumstances, and Aventis Systems was the answer. They are the type of partner that doesn’t just sell you products and walk away. They stay with you from start to finish and advise you along the way.”

Mapping out a Solution

The Company met with Aventis Systems to outline the needs and goals of the project and received infrastructure consultation from presales engineers. With Aventis Systems’ thorough understanding and experience with both Dell and HP, Aventis recommended considering new Dell PowerEdge R730XD servers to satisfy their high performance needs. This was a big deviation for the Company, as they historically have been a strict HP shop. “Aventis Systems looked at an abundance of options for us and made a strong technical case for us to switch to Dell,” added the head of corporate operations. “They were also able to offer us price discounts for the new hardware to be viable within our budget. The recommended configuration also satisfied our other needs, including software and components necessary for a successful implementation.”

The True Test

With headquarters based in the northeast, operations in the UK and India, and data centers in North Carolina and Massachusetts, the next hurdle was the actual configuration and implementation. The Company was concerned about purchasing the hardware with only a theoretical configuration. With their high performance demands, they found it essential to test the solution prior to purchasing to ensure it fulfilled their requirements. “With one server in each data center, it was going to be difficult to configure the servers and make necessary adjustments to see if this particular configuration could handle the substantial workload. Aventis Systems went above and beyond by allowing us to do a trial run at their warehouse to give us the peace of mind we desired before purchasing our full solution. We cannot say enough about their expertise, flexibility, and willingness to listen and work with us to accomplish our goal. The added value speaks volumes about their dedication and commitment to our partnership.”

Aventis Systems provided the Company access to their configured servers at its Marietta warehouse to test the performance with their business-specific workloads. “We securely loaded client data files and databases, ran imports, benchmark tests, and profiled a SQL server. With some minor tweaking we found that it performed remarkably well—much better than our existing servers. We ultimately moved forward with the full recommended solution, including the R730XD servers, configured spare parts, software licensing, and Onsite Services.”

Results Exceed Expectation

When the new solution was implemented, the Company was not sure what to expect with performance increases but was pleasantly surprised to see significant results. “We were hoping to minimally hit a 50 percent productivity increase, and we easily reached that goal and saw improvements far beyond our expectations,” added the head of corporate operations. “Our import times increased by 90 percent, which is significant with the amount of data we deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes files can take hours to import, and this decreased that time dramatically.”

When asked how the solution from Aventis Systems impacted the entire organization, the Company notes that on the back-end, raw data files are processing and calculating remarkably faster. Previously, large data feeds would run throughout the night and not be complete when the next workday started. “Heavy duty processing would still be taking place when users came online in the morning. Resources were locked and clients would get time outs. This new solution made an incredible impact all-around and eliminated any user issues from processing. In a simple way it got rid of any resource issues between users and back-end processing. Our clients are much happier, and queries are answered more quickly. The increase in performance was felt across the entire organization.”

Relying on the Experts

The Company feels they made a smart choice by partnering with the technology infrastructure experts at Aventis Systems and leveraging their comprehensive IT solutions. “We don’t try different hardware combinations on a daily basis, and we needed someone with that kind of expertise. It would have been extremely difficult to find another company that worked with us like Aventis Systems did. I can’t imagine any of our previous providers offering the same kind of partnership and unprecedented access to their facility.”

The project was completed on schedule and now the Company is reaping the benefits of vast increased productivity. “Aventis Systems listened to us and really worked with our team, knowing when to push us out of our comfort zone in order to provide the best solution for us,” concludes the corporate head of operations. “That is a sign of a great partner.” Once implemented, the Company’s board members called Aventis Systems to thank them for the success of the project and to express their satisfaction with the results.

About Aventis Systems

Aventis Systems, Inc. offers custom IT solutions to build and operate complete physical and virtual infrastructures. The comprehensive solutions include high-quality refurbished and new hardware, system and application software, and an array of in-depth managed services including infrastructure consultation, cloud hosting and migration, virtualization deployment, data and disaster recovery, security consultation, hardware relocation, and equipment buyback. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Aventis Systems fulfills technology requirements of IT professionals within various industries across the globe. From partnering with consultants and managed service providers, to being the provider-of-choice for end-users from small to medium-sized businesses, educational, non-profit and government organizations, Aventis Systems goes above and beyond other value-added resellers because they "Get IT Done."

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