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A Powerful Partnership: Arkansas Network Experts Teams Up with Aventis Systems to Deliver Successful IT Hardware Solutions

Arkansas Network Experts (ArNetEx) is a group of highly trained network professionals who focus on providing technical and computer support to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) without in-house IT staff. Founded in 2007, ArNetEx offers outsourced network management and IT consulting, both remote and onsite assistance, to clients in Arkansas, Tennessee, and northeast Texas. ArNetEx has expertise in all aspects of IT operations including wireless infrastructure, VPN routing, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL Server, with a specific proficiency in deploying and maintaining SMB networks.

Identifying the Best Resource

To be successful, ArNetEx relies on trusted IT solution partners to assist in supporting clientele. The company was satisfied with their previous IT provider until the response and customer support became unreliable. Due to the critical, time-sensitive nature of its business, ArNetEx began looking for a new IT partner who could deliver high quality products and provide responsive, timely support. Additionally, they were seeking an IT partner that understood their core consulting business. In late 2013, ArNetEx was working on a very specialized project and wanted to partner with an expert who could collaborate on a complex configuration. As soon as they reached out to Aventis Systems, they knew they had found their new IT partner. “On my first call to Aventis Systems, I was immediately connected with an IT expert who provided me with direction on the configuration I needed, steered me toward the right products, at a price my client could afford,” said Joe LaRocca, Co-Owner and Consultant at ArNetEx. “It was a win-win right off the bat.”

Rising Above & Beyond

One benefit of the IT partnership that stands out for LaRocca is the responsive customer service and in-depth technical expertise. “Aventis Systems quickly responds to my needs, provides solid technical recommendations with competitive pricing, and the quality of the products has always been outstanding,” added LaRocca. “I know I can count on them to provide me with what I need, when I need it, which helps me keep my customers happy. And, when there is an issue, you never feel like your problems are going into a black hole.” LaRocca further elaborates on the ease of working with Aventis Systems, “I don’t have to spend time as a business owner researching the QuickSpecs for each part, looking for the card or memory or processor I need. I just give them the model numbers, they know what I need, and are able to turn it around very quickly. That is significant in my line of work.”

For example, ArNetEx has had instances where a server had a problem and Aventis Systems was able to immediately help diagnose what the issue was and turn the part around the next business day. Another example involved an issue with a new HP server, under warranty. Aventis Systems sent HP certified technicians out to replace the part immediately. “Aventis Systems responds in an extremely timely manner and helps me keep my customers satisfied and ensure any problems are quickly resolved,” added LaRocca.

Assurance & Peace of Mind

Even though ArNetEx services many industries, in recent years they have primarily worked with healthcare clients. Most of the healthcare providers and medical offices they service do not have dedicated IT staff so they look to experts like ArNetEx to help them build networks that can support and comply with the new electronic health record requirements. Furthermore, healthcare providers must have infrastructure security, stability, and reliability to properly handle sensitive patient information. All Aventis Systems’ hardware undergoes thorough and rigorous testing to ensure quality and stability which allows ArNetEx to provide the vital stable infrastructures for these clients.

ArNetEx also recognizes great value in utilizing Aventis Systems’ Extended and Express Warranty programs that include a six-year warranty, overnight shipping, and next business day parts replacement throughout the warranty term. “This offers me the peace of mind I need,” said LaRocca. “It is now standard practice for me to include this warranty upgrade when purchasing refurbished equipment.”

Maximizing the Value of Your IT Investment

Another advantage that has stood out in the partnership with Aventis Systems is the ability to purchase both new and refurbished products. While ArNetEx predominantly orders new HP and Dell hardware from Aventis Systems, the reliable refurbished hardware has allowed them to stretch budgets when needed and provide their customers more robust systems at affordable prices, with a solid warranty behind it.

“For some of my customers there is a slight hesitation when purchasing refurbished equipment as they feel they may have issues or the equipment may not last as long as new,” commented LaRocca. “However, all products have been outstanding and my customers are all extremely pleased. The warranty Aventis Systems offers, combined with the savings we are witnessing, make the benefits and cost savings extremely apparent.” He relates a recent instance when a healthcare client only had the budget for one HP SQL Server, but with the help of Aventis Systems’ refurbished product offerings, they were able to provide the client a cluster solution accompanied by a strong warranty package. “There is real added benefit to being able to offer a solution like that,” added LaRocca.

Aligning Technology with Business Needs

Aventis Systems has been a very strong and strategic partner for ArNetEx. Whether it is a temporary design and implementation project, or the need to build an entire IT department to handle day-to-day support, they provide IT budgeting and "future-proof" hardware planning and sourcing for their clients. “I lean on the Aventis Systems team quite a bit,” said LaRocca. “I really appreciate that they provide me with complete solutions at affordable prices. They are very responsive, knowledgeable, and provide great advice when I am not exactly sure what server I need but know what I need it to do. Aventis Systems is a one-stop shop with customized solutions to meet my customers’ unique business needs. They provide me with a robust selection of hardware systems and configurations at an affordable price point in one location. This is invaluable as an IT consultant business owner.”

LaRocca applauds the dedication Aventis Systems has shown in helping him plan for the future needs of his customers. “We are dedicated to planning for future hardware needs, and Aventis Systems keeps this in mind when they are helping me configure SMB data infrastructure,” concluded LaRocca. “I have been able to deliver customized solutions every time. I need someone to work with me and get it done quickly, and this partnership does just that while supporting my growing business.”

About Aventis Systems

Aventis Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in developing customized and comprehensive IT hardware, software, and services solutions. A true one-stop shop, the Atlanta-based company specializes in Dell and HP lines of servers and storage units; Cisco, Dell, and HP networking equipment; a full suite of business class workstations, desktops, and laptops; all hardware components necessary for upgrades; and carries Microsoft, VMware, and Veeam software. Aventis Systems offers a complete portfolio of Advanced IT Services designed to address the most pressing needs of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) including expertise in cloud, data recovery, disaster recovery, security, server and storage infrastructure, and virtualization.

Aventis Systems’ mission is to build long-lasting relationships with customers by offering extensive plans designed to meet a variety of IT needs. This is accomplished by leveraging experienced sales and engineering professionals to evaluate customers’ infrastructures in order to craft the most cost-effective solutions. Due to the company’s expansive inventory, Aventis Systems delivers these solutions with the shortest build and ship times in the industry. Additionally, the Company’s onsite installation and support services across the continental U.S. allow customers to implement projects as quickly as possible. For more information on Aventis Systems, please contact 1-866-528-9313, visit www.AventisSystems.com, or connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.