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Why Buy Refurbished?

The word “refurbished” has carried a somewhat negative connotation, as it has signified a product that is old, broken or tainted. Refurbished IT equipment is actually used equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned, tested, reconfigured and warranted for further use.

Many large businesses, research universities and other enterprises with demanding IT requirements purchase equipment on short-term leases. When short-term equipment leases expire, used servers, routers, switches, PCs and other IT equipment come on the resale market. While many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Dell and HP have equipment coming off these short-term leases, they generally choose to liquidate it rather than recondition it and resell it on the open market. OEMs typically are not interested and don’t specialize in refurbishing equipment. This creates a continuous pool of like-new IT equipment that only needs to be cleaned, tested and reconfigured by companies that specialize in reconditioning IT equipment.

Cost Savings. Refurbished equipment has already depreciated and will retain its remaining value. Because this equipment offers the same quality product at up to 50% cost savings from new equipment, your company will achieve a better overall Return on Investment.

Reliability. Experience has shown that when properly cleaned, tested and reconfigured, refurbished equipment is just as reliable as new equipment.

Availability. Due to the nature of IT purchasing cycles, there is a large pool of like-new equipment readily available in many markets around the country. When purchasing refurbished equipment, it is usually available immediately. New equipment purchases must first be manufactured, then tested before being shipped to its final destination, which can delay the implementation of a time-sensitive project.

(logo) Green IT Green IT. By now, everyone knows that you should “go green.” The advantages include reduced energy costs, having employees that are proud to work for a company that values environmentally-friendly practices, and being a company that sets the standard for green business within your industry, just to name a few. Companies can easily and cost-effectively take steps to green by utilizing virtualization and purchasing refurbished IT equipment.