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Aventis Systems, Inc. Adds Value by Lowering Warranty and Onsite Service Pricing

— July 17, 2018 — Aventis Systems, Inc., a leading provider of information technology hardware, software and services, today announced it has lowered pricing on all warranties and onsite services to better serve customers at an affordable and competitive price point. The discount varies by product, but on average the reduction will be 30 percent lower than the current pricing.

"We are continually looking for ways to increase value and improve support for our customer whether it be hardware or services," said Hesam Lamei, Founder of Aventis Systems. "The reduction in pricing on warranty and onsite services illustrates our commitment to p[roviding our customers high level, yet affordable products, services and support. We want our customers to know we stand behind our products with our warranties and are fully committed to being there every step of the way."

Prior to the announcement, onsite support was based upon variable prices, so when component upgrades were made, prices would adjust accordingly. Under the new program, onsite support will have a flat price. "This means our customers will pay less for support and can upgrade specs without having to spend more," added Lamei. "Customers will experience the same great support they've come to know and expect from Aventis Systems, but at lower prices."

The company offers their Essentials Warranty Agreement on all purchases, That's a 3-year comprehensive warranty on all servers and storage equipment and a 1-year comprehensive warranty on all networking equipment, workstations, desktops, laptops and hardware components. Customers can upgrade to the following:

Aventis Systems Onsite Hardware Support

  • Available in 1, 3, or 6-year Service Level Agreements
  • Available for all servers and storage equipment sold by Aventis Systems
  • Looking for Onsite Support on equipment you already have? You can purchase it online here!
  • Up to 45% off compared to the previous pricing

Aventis Systems Spare Kit

  • Keep spare parts for hardware systems on hand for the highest level of system uptime
  • Available on all servers offered by Aventis Systems:
    • Basic Spare Kit: 1 Hard Drive and 1 Memory DIMM
    • Advanced Spare Kit: 1 Hard Drive, 1 Memory DIMM, and 1 Power Supply
    • Superior Spare Kit: 1 Hard Drive, 1 Memory DIMM, 1 Power Supply and 1 Motherboard
  • Available on all storage offered by Aventis Systems:
    • Basic Spare Kit: 1 Power Supply and 1 Hard Drive
    • Advanced Spare Kit: 1 Power Supply and 2 Hard Drives
    • Superior Spare Kit: 1 Power Supply, 3 Hard Drives, and 1 Controller
  • Includes spare replenishment as needed throughout the Warranty or Onsite Hardware Support term

    Aventis Systems also updated pricing on all warranty support programs. Save on
    Extended, Express, and Secure Drive warranty upgrades to protect your mission-critical hardware.

    About Aventis Systems

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