Platinum is I.T.’s Best Friend

Last week, Aventis Systems blogger, Lindsey Williamson, took a closer look at Aventis On-Site Gold Support. The Aventis On-Site Gold Support program fits within the industry gold standard for on-site services, with a next business day on-site response. The Gold Level is just one of several levels featured in our on-site services line up. This week I will continue our services blog series by exploring Platinum Support.

Aventis On-Site Platinum Support addresses businesses’ mission critical support needs and eases the burden of mission critical break fix issues that can plague IT departments. A hardware failure email notification is one of the most dreaded emails that any IT professional can receive. Such an email can become a nightmare, when you receive it and must respond in the middle of the night, on a holiday, or when members of the IT department are on vacation.

We recognize that servers don’t take holidays, which is why we offer Aventis On-Site Platinum Support. By utilizing Platinum service level, IT departments have access to our dedicated phone support and network of 24,000 field technicians whenever they need them. Businesses can rest assured that their mission critical hardware will be up and running in no time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but after utilizing our on-site services, you will discover that Platinum is the best friend to IT departments across the country!

The Platinum service level of the Aventis On-Site Support program provides around the clock support. If you have any issues with your hardware, just call the Aventis Systems technical support line for 24 hour support, any day of the year. We will then dispatch an OEM certified field technician, who will arrive at your location within 4 hours. Businesses who utilize our Platinum service level can truly maximize uptime on their hardware.

Aventis On-Site Platinum Support is ideal for mission critical hardware, in which a next business day response is simply not fast enough. Ask yourself: how long can my business afford for our mission critical hardware to be down? If the answer is a matter of hours rather than a matter of days, the Aventis On-Site Platinum Support may be the ideal SLA for your business. To learn more about our Platinum service level and the entire Aventis On-Site Support line up, call us today 1-866-528-9313 or visit our website: On-Site Services