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Adobe FrameMaker Software

Adobe FrameMaker is the ideal total solution to assist creative professionals and developers in authoring and publishing technical content for mobile, print, desktop, and web! This industry leading solution allows collaborative teams to work their most productively with more advanced XML and DITA capabilities as well as delivery of next generation HTML5 layouts. FrameMaker 2017 also delivers top of the line search and navigation as well as support for HD displays and a new welcome screen for the most user friendly version yet!

Aventis Systems is proud to offer Adobe FrameMaker 2017 and FrameMaker 2017 Publishing Server Licenses as well as FrameMaker XML Author with Upgrade and Support Licenses available. Key features include:

  • Adobe FrameMaker 2017
    • Support for HD Displays and larger more user friendly welcome screen!
    • Easy to share and small footprint basic HTML5 code without layouts and JavaScript that can be customized with CSS!
    • The New Project Manager feature allowing for dragging and dropping assets to documents as well as easier organization for all your files!
  • Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server 2017
    • Server based publishing for scheduling publishing tasks to be automatically executed!
    • Multiple user access to publishing services and running remote tasks at the same time!
    • Integration with Windows Task Scheduler to view, edit, and manage schedule publication tasks!
  • Adobe FrameMaker XML Author
    • Easy to manage XML structure with larger work area by collapsing elements and attributes!
    • Out of the box support for DITA 1.3 topic types!
    • Bidirectional language publishing and support as well as content flipping!

Shop our product options below, and take home the ideal solution for your development team’s content publish today, Adobe FrameMaker!