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Aventis Systems Networking Products help IT Professionals and SMBs Get IT Done by offering multiple ways to shop for Dell, HP, Juniper, and Cisco networking gear. To view our complete selection of networking products, please check out our full selection of products for each of your favorite networking brands in our Browse by Manufacturer category below. For a guided product selection, please visit our SMB Networking Product Selector categories below for product recommendations based on your requirements.

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From core to edge and everything in between, Aventis System has you covered with quality new and refurbished Cisco, Dell and HP networking equipment. Browse all of our switches, routers, security appliances and routers by manufacturer below.

New/Refurbished Networking Equipment

SMB Networking Product Selector

Let us help you choose the best networking solution for your needs! Our SMB Networking Product Selector provides custom recommendations for Switches, Routers, Security Appliances, or Access Points. In just a few simple steps, view our most popular networking equipment that fits your specific SMB needs. If you are looking for a wider selection of Cisco, Dell, and HP networking gear, please browse by manufacturer below.