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These HP StorageWorks direct attached storage options provide scalable, yet cost-effective, storage capacity expansion for multiple server hosts with growing applications. These units provide enhanced storage management capabilities to allow for shared storage for small clusters, or to dedicate a certain amount of storage to a particular host. These options are a great choice for the small to medium business or enterprise remote site in need of fast and highly available shared storage between a small cluster of servers, without having to create a network storage environment. The MSA2000 lineup provides a 3Gb/s throughput backplane, while the P2000 lineup provides a 6Gb/s backplane for higher throughput and increased performance in more demanding environments. These affordable HP StorageWorks direct attached SAS arrays support either small form factor or large form factor SAS, SATA and SSD drives, allowing you to choose the proper performance and cost point for your business requirements.

HP MSA 1040 SAS HP MSA2012sa G2 HP MSA 2040 SAS
HP MSA2312sa G2 HP MSA2324sa G2 HP P2000 G3 3.5" SAS
HP P2000 G3 SFF 2.5" SAS

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