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Cisco Catalyst and Small Business Switches

Cisco Catalyst and Small Business Switches are the best in class for network connectivity and are relied on by millions of users around the globe. Cisco switches are powerful network connectivity devices that always deliver top of the line features, reliability, and low cost of ownership, ideal for meeting the needs of any small to medium size business (SMB) network. Aventis Systems’ selection of Cisco network switches, which now includes the 20 Cisco switch series, is always growing to keep your business supplied with the networking features needed for the right price to maximize your IT budget! Key benefits of Cisco small business switches and Cisco Catalyst Switches are:

  • Cisco Small Business Switches are ideal entry-level network connection devices suited for small businesses, remote offices, and branches seeking simple manageable solutions with a low cost to buy, helping them get the most value out of their networking purchase!
  • Cisco Catalyst Switches are the most scalable and versatile switching solution out of the Cisco portfolio of products! These powerful Cisco switches come in all port sizes and features sets including features such as Layer 3 Routing, Power Over Ethernet, SFP Ports and Uplinks, Stacking, and so much more!

Aventis Systems is proud to offer our Cisco Catalyst switches and Small Business Switches all with a 1 Year Standard Comprehensive Warranty with upgrades available to Express Parts Next Business Day Replacement or Extended Term Warranties as well as Onsite Hardware Support Agreements. Shop our Cisco Catalyst and Small Business Switches below and get best in class connectivity, cost, and reliability for your business network today!

Cisco Small Business 200 Series Smart Switches Cisco Small Business 220 Series Smart Plus Switches Small Business 250 Series Switches
Cisco Small Business 300 Series Managed Switches Cisco Small Business 500 Series Managed Switches Cisco Small Business 350 Series Managed Switches
Cisco Catalyst 2940 Switches Cisco Catalyst 2950 Switches Cisco Catalyst 2955 Switches

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switches Cisco Catalyst 2970 Switches Cisco Catalyst 2975 Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3524 Switches Cisco Catalyst 3548 Switches Cisco Catalyst 3550 Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560 Switches Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches Cisco Catalyst 3750 Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switches Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switches Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Switches
Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches

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