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Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall Appliances

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) provide best of breed security functionality and reliability to protect your network from the threat of intrusion and malicious cyber-attacks. With firewall throughput of up to 300 Mbps, and up to 250 site-to-site VPN sessions, the Cisco ASA 5510 is a great firewall option for the small to medium business, or small enterprise. The Cisco ASA 5510 can also be upgraded with a Security Plus license which provides active/active and active/standby high availability, increased session and VLAN capacities, and enhanced Ethernet interfaces. The base Cisco ASA 5510 provides up to 50,000 concurrent sessions (130,000 with Security Plus), with up to 9,000 connections per second and 190,000 packets per second. The base Cisco ASA 5510 stays connected with the network through 5 Fast Ethernet ports, which can be upgraded to 2 gigabit and 3 Fast Ethernet ports with the Security Plus license. The base Cisco ASA 5510 also supports up to 50 VLAN’s (100 with Security Plus), and has a single SSM expansion slot to allow for optional AIP intrusion prevention and content security capabilities.

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Cisco ASA5510 ASA5510-SEC-BUN-K9 Security Plus Firewall Appliance from Aventis Systems, Inc. Cisco ASA5510 ASA5510-BUN-K9 Security Firewall Appliance from Aventis Systems, Inc.
Cisco Part Number: ASA5510-SEC-BUN-K9
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty
Cisco Part Number: ASA5510-BUN-K9
1 Year Comprehensive Warranty

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